AUGUST: Discover Vancouver’s Golfing Paradise

Golf course in Vancouver with the view of Vancouver Harbor to Mount Baker.

With its captivating landscape, Vancouver and Richmond are ideal locations for a golfing adventure, where majestic mountains provide an awe-inspiring backdrop. Explore a variety of local golf courses suited for different skill levels and for everyone, whether you’re on a solo expedition, a family outing, or enjoying the company of friends. Here are a selection of prominent fairways that are located near the Richmond Conference Centre, including a true championship-worthy gem.

  1. Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club               

Spanning 6641 yards, this course features 13 out of 18 holes winding alongside lakes and waterways. This natural setting not only offers a captivating challenge but also stunning views of Vancouver’s majestic mountain landscape. With meticulously maintained fairways that offer a swift and smooth play, you’ll encounter a couple of exhilarating par-five holes. 

GETTING THERE: A short 16-minute drive from our hotel complex.

  1. Country Meadows Golf Course

In search of a shorter course? Country Meadows spans 6276 yards, seamlessly blending strategic sand traps, tranquil ponds, and varying distances for an engaging and diverse golfing journey. Golf enthusiasts can refine their skills on the practice green and perfect their pitch shots within a designated area.

GETTING THERE: A short 15-minute drive from our hotel complex.

  1. Capilano Golf & Country Club

The epitome of golfing refinement in British Columbia, Capilano Golf & Country Club is a tribute to the visionary architect, Stanley Thompson. This course was built on a mountain and offers stunning views of Vancouver Harbor to Mount Baker. The course’s elevation changes and artful challenges offer a journey of intrigue and mastery to offer members an exclusive experience. It has hosted competitions such as the Pacific Coast Amateur Championship.  

GETTING THERE: A 55 minute to an hour drive from our hotel complex.