SEPTEMBER: Exploring Richmond’s Trails and Geocaching Hotspots

Couple hiking in the forest

As summer comes to a close, Richmond, BC still offers pleasant, occasionally cloudy, and sunny days. It’s an ideal setting for tranquil outdoor activities like hiking, strolling, and geocaching – a modern treasure hunt. Access this adventure through the Geocaching app, explore new areas, decipher clues during hikes, and connect with the community through 50 geocaching locations in Richmond. These caches hold delightful surprises, making your urban adventure even more exciting. Below are three local parks ideal for hiking escapades:

Iona Beach Park

This park reveals breathtaking vistas of majestic mountains. The park offers flat, easily navigable paths, adorned with gravel and well-maintained pavements, making it accessible to everyone, including dogs. Iona Park also offers one of the finest sunset views in Richmond.

TRAILS: Iona Jetty (Length: 8.2 km, Est. 1 hr 31 min.), Iona Beach Trail (Length: 5 km, Est. 58 min.), and Iona Lagoon (Length: 1.8 km, Est. 20 min.)

GETTING THERE: A 14 minute to an hour drive from our hotel complex.

Terra Nova Rural Park

Enjoy a series of attractions in this park, ranging from a playground and gardens to historic buildings and winding trails. Additionally, you can enjoy bird watching just across the street. With its flat pathways, Terra Nova Rural Park ensures accessibility for strollers and wheelchairs alike.

TRAIL: West Dyke Trail (Length: 11.9 km, Est. 2 hr 12 min.)

GETTING THERE: A 8 minute to an hour drive from our hotel complex.

Richmond Nature Park

Reconnect with nature on this hike, where you’ll spot various birds, making it an ideal spot for birdwatching enthusiasts. Enjoy the flat terrain with occasional 5-meter elevations, ensuring a delightful hiking experience suitable for families. Please note that this area does not permit dogs or bicycles.

TRAILS: Richmond Nature Park (Length: 3.1 km, Est. 33 min.), Richmond Nature Park East Loop (Length: 1.9 km, Est. 21 min.)

GETTING THERE: A 8 minute to an hour drive from our hotel complex.